Thursday, September 15, 2011

You know you're a parent when...

So yesterday I went out to get some groceries, and upon entering Sobeys smelled the most delicious cinnamon buns ever. So I made an impulse buy and bought them. I brought them home and informed Coen that I had gotten him a treat. WHen he saw them he got so excited! " Mom we need party hats for the cake!" It was all I could do to not laugh. So Aaron and I proceeded to ask him who's birthday it was. "Is it mom's birthday?" "NO!" Is it Daddy's birthday?" "Nope" "Is it Coen's birthday?" Pause..... "Nope." Who's birthday is it Coen?" "Teddy's!!!" So tonight we made the most pathetic party hat's I've ever made with left over scrapbook paper, and sang happy birthday to teddy bear. Who is Four, I was just told, and Coen is Five. Man this kid never ceases to amaze me. He is talking up a storm! Today we were making a zoo to go with his new train tracks and he told me it was a petting zoo with the farm animals and a scary zoo with the lion. Man I just love little boys!!! Anyways, that is my mom moment for the night! Goodnight all!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

the meema trip!

Well it's been a month so I thought I would give everyone an update. July has been a fairly carefree month. It has however been full of being a single parent. Aaron spent a few days in Florida going to see the last Shuttle Launch ever, which was probably the most sporadic thing he has done since we got married. So it was about time for him to have some "Dad" time. He got home, and we had a small birthday party for me on the 13th. My parents and him got me a cricut which I am absolutely in love with. Man oh man.

Next came the Lake. This is probably the most recent memory I have so it will be a lot longer and in depth so just bare with me. My mom and I had planned to go to the States with Coen for a girls week away, but when we figured everything out we just decided that instead of making a 12 hour drive we would make a 2 1/2 hour drive to my grandparents cabin. It was the most fun I have had in a very long time. It was just a completely different fun. A completely carefree week of nothingness. We left on Monday and Coen travelled like a dream kid. We were kind of nervous about the border, but we sailed through with no issues. WHEW! THen the vacation began. We followed my cousins Saydi and Kyli down with my aunt April and her family with us. We got there, had some burgers and just vegged. Amazing!
Tuesday was shopping day. The weather was pretty yucky so we just packed everyone up and went to town. Coen wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine because he had to be put in a rickity shopping cart because he couldn't quite understand why he couldn't run up and down the big hallways. what a goof. So then we went to walmart and my poor little boy's day got even worse. We were walking through the baby stuff to get some pullups (easier to just buy than to pack) and he kept saying he needed to go to the bathroom. I just assumed he was saying it because he had seen the potty covers. Nope I was wrong. My poor little guy had peed all down his legs into his socks and his pants. I felt terrible. So I scooped him up, and had to carry him to console him whch meant i was covered in pee. But we got him wiped down with a new pullup and we let him just chill in a pullup which i think he thought was cool. His main concern was that he HAD to hang onto his Mater and McQueen bubbles that his meema had bought him. They were actual cars full of bubblebath. Very cool. Well when we were putting him in the car I totally smacked his head on the doorframe. What a terrible topper to a no good very bad day. Then he was running to the door from the car and ran into the BBQ. terrible. But then Kyli came to the rescue and pulled out all the stops by playing cars with him. This was not your normal cars game. THey had ramps with jumps and sound effects and rocketships and man oh man we were all laughing to hard because Coen had found the love of his life. They played so hard he was in a sweat! My kid has the coolest cousins ever! All the "Big Kids" were so much fun with him! Saydi, Cale, Harli, Rance, and Jake all came to my rescue so many time and entertained him!
Wednesday we went out on the boat. Coen was pretty skeptical, but we eventually got in into the tube which was definately the highlight of my trip. After we got back, I truly believe Coen was having fun even if he was falling asleep. haha. Then he went and had a nap with meema while I got a few hours to go out on the lake. We went tubing and wow oh wow. I have not laughed so hard in my whole life. Like honestly right from my gut laughed.
Then Coen woke up and we all went out to a little island that they had made with a slide on it and raft. Well, I was trying to get off of the raft they had and totally slipped. Coen went flying, and I fell down and hit my head on the paddle boat. For those of you that weren't there, let me assure you it was quite the sight. Coen was way over there screaming with this two cars in his hands, screaming "Help me Help me!" I was laughing to hard I couldn't get myself out of the lake, and everyone around us were doubled over from laughing so no one could help coen. Man oh man were were a sight to behold.
Thursday was our "Suntanning" day. and every single one of us were burnt to a crisp.
and Friday was home day!
It was the very most fun I have had in a while. I absolutely loved it and I'll admit was a little sad when Coen told me this morning that after he bath he was going to the lake. So a big thank you to everyone who made this a great trip for us. We had the time of our life and thanks to all the "Big Kids" and Meemas that helped out. It was a true Vacation!!
Now to to it all again at the end of August!!! Winnipeg here we come!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glorious Boys!!

It's been a while, yes I know. For all of those who love their updates about Coen, let me tell you it is a miracle that I am still breathing. For those at the mom and tots last week you will completely understand what I mean by this. For those who missed the show I can assure you we will not be returning for a rerun. The whole "same time, same station" does NOT apply to the situation that I am about to walk you through.

It all began on an amazingly sunny day. The kids refused to be cooped up and I was completely in agreement. So we packed up the carseats, sunscreen, misquito repellent, water, teddy grahams and diapers. That is a typical packing list for most parents. Most parents would probably even say that though they pile all that into a reuseable grocery bag they may only use three things. I mean with a two year old and a one year old what in heavens name could go wrong right!

So we arrive to the playground and we are having the time of our lives! I dare say I even got to sit down and visit with some of the other moms. I could see Coen's blonde little head darting out of equipment and I can see my niece playing contently in front of me on the baby slide. Well, time goes on and I am playing with my niece, and I realize I haven't seen Coen for a couple of minutes. So I yell "Coen let me see your eyes!" (side note: Moms have you ever realized that when you yell for your kids and you hear your own voice it sounds like nails on a chalkboard? Mine does. I swear it.) I wait....and little eyes. So I scoop up Amelia and we go hunting. I'm not nervous. I'm sure many of you are dialing Child Services as you read due to the bone chilling fact that I didn't break out in a full out run. But everything was gated in. I promise! So calm those heart rates. I finally see him. My blonde little monster jumping as hard as he can in a puddle of mud. His shoes are COVERED!! his once white socks are very much brown. So I take them off and we walk back to the park. I am laughing so hard I can't even talk. Part of me is so proud of him for getting muddy and being such a boy, the other part is thinking how the heck to I get these shoes clean!

So now he is running around bare foot and having the time of his life. I took wipes and washed his legs down and his shoes are drying in the sun. I am just getting settled down, when I hear a SPLOOSH! Coen is crying and saying "BIG MESS MAMA!!" In literally two seconds he had ran down a hill, slipped, and slid right into the biggest mud puddle I have seen. He has grass in his ears, nose, mouth, and his shirt is soaked. So remember that list I wrote out, what mom in their right mind would think I need to pack an extra pair of shoes, clothes and an IGA bag?? Well one mom thought to bring a bag, so I stripped him down and we kept playing in just his shorts. I think a few boys were jealous. But am 100% sure that no mom was!!

*for those of you that are wondering...oxyclean is amazing!! Shoes look brand new! A little tight, but brand new! The same can also be said about the clothes!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Have a Two Year Old!!

I realize that I have had a two year old for quite some time now... 5 months to be exact....but for some reason we have had the wonderful privilege of having a two year old with out too many fits, no real accidents, and really it just felt like he was another number older. This week however, the terrible twos hit us right in the face. You know those Home Videos where the pie ends up in the unsuspecting man's face? Yeah that was the twos for us.

It all began with the infamous Buzz Bike. Aaron got it for him for Christmas, and he rides it around and around the house. Well he decided to explore the very small rectangle of area that was by our stairs....went to back out... and well the rest is history. It was quite a tumble, and Aaron and I were both sure it was a trip to the ER, but when we got him, all he had was a bump on his head and was mad that his bike was downstairs. I honestly started wondering if my child was actually a tank. I am sure any other kid that would have tumbled like that would not have had the same fortunate outcome.

Next came the trip to the ER because of an overworried parent. Before bed, I'm sure I've mentioned this, Coen runs laps. We don't know why or how it became part of the routine. If you have any ideas please enlighten me! But anyways, the laps began and we were catching up on some down time, when Coen tripped. It was EXACTLY like in the movies. Aaron and I both swear if we would have moved a second sooner we could have caught him. In reality we probably didn't have a hope. But it was like he fell in slow motion. He caught the corner of the wall and after an eternity of checking every square inch of him we both came to the conclusion all was well. I held him for his night time cuddles, and then I felt it. Right against my cheek was the Biggest bump I swear I've ever seen. Because of my past history with running into things or as any Allegiance members can testify, hitting myself in the head...( another story for another day) I knew that the last time I had a bump like that, I was getting woke up every so often because I think I had a concussion. So I freaked out and Aaron freaked out. We whisked our boy up and into the car and took off to the ER. Well after we crossed WhoopUp bridge, our clumsy little boy began making jokes and laughing in the mirror and all sorts of things. We both looked at each other and thought " Is it worth it?" But I just needed a certified person ( not that my husband's opinion wasn't comforting and that he isn't smart because he is wonderful and he does know what he's talking about but I was freaking out. okay!) to tell me that all was well. The triage nurse was awesome, looked at it, told us what to look for, and we were on our way with no worries or a wait time ( Like i said the nurse was awesome!)

Now is the best one of all. My wonderful two year old locked himself in his room! We put him in his bedroom to sleep and shut the door. Well an hour later after we SWORE he was asleep we hear his "Cop Knock" as we call it. ( I swear I have no clue how such little hands can bang on a door that hard!) We went downstairs to get him only to find that he had locked the door. For many this isn't a big deal. But living in a place where there used to be two guys that were roommates made the task a little different. You see, they had put key locks on the door. No little hole that I had mastered to embarrass or hurry my brother up. Nope. Just a key. Did we have the key... Nope. Did the landlord have the key... .nope. So after trying bobby pins, credit cards ( all of which are total myths) we had no success. Everyone we called told us there was a button just behind the lock that would answer our prayers. Well we couldn't find that button to save our lives. This whole time Coen is laughing and trying to play peekaboo with us. Yeah. I know. So Aaron finally took a his hammer and "SMASHED IT WITH A HAMMER!" (oh I love emperors new groove) The door knob came off easily and we saw that this infamous button everyone told us was actually a turning piece of metal. No miracle button. We opened the door and our two year old monster greeted us with open arms. Man oh man I hate the two stage.

Finally is the vocabulary. Nothing is safe. I have been known for telling my son too bad. Too bad Coen this and Too bad Coen that. Well I was getting after him for not listening and after his Corner failed miserably ( He just kept talking to himself) I put him on the last resort. The Kitchen Chair. He sat for a second and slid off. I responded with something along the lines of "Coen get that little butt back up there or so help me..." ( I know parent of the year right?) to which he responded " Nope mama. Too Bad." and slid off again. Now in his defence, I am still not sure if he actually was trying to be a brat from hadesville. I think he was telling me he had been too bad. (I am very optomistic that my son is not related to the devil) But regardless. I could not help but giggle and the discipline went out the window. Curses.

And that is our two year old adventures thus far! Stay tooned.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

On to Edmontonia!

Friday morning we woke up and had Easter Breakfast. My mom had had her heart set on Easter dinner that night,but we had made plans with Edmonton Family to go see them. So breakfast it was! It ws EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! Nothing like a good warm breakfast in your belly to start a trip off right. We packed up our things and trekked to edmonton.
When I say trek I mean it was probably the easiest trip ever! Aaron and I had things down to a science. Coen hadn't slept very well that night, so he crashed from Cardston to Airdrie. We stopped for a bite to eat when he woke up, and set up a picnic of sorts. Our passenger seat folded down to a table, and I sat in the back with Coen to keep him company. All I can say is I LOVE our IPAD! We had also packed snacks and goodies galore so Coen was a real trouper!
We got to Edmonton afternoonish, and visited with Aunty Sharon and Uncle Don, Uncle Randy, MOrgan and Devin until around 10ish. I was a real wet sock because I had taken a gravol about an hour away from edmonton (dumb I know) and was waging an honest to goodness war to keep my eyes open. Then it was off to Morgan's to catch some zzz's.
Saturday was chill at Morgan's day. Uncle Randy, Devin, and Aaron took Coen on his trike ( we brought it from home) to a park nearby. I think everyone was surprised at how fast that little guy can go! And then came Crave. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this little piece of paradise to you before. It is amazing. We drove over thanks to devin and uncle don, and bought a dozen. Man oh man those are the best cupcakes known to man! Then we had nachos and played some more cards! It was the best day EVER!!!
Sunday was easter morning! The easter bunny had made a little hunt for Coen at morgan's house and had also delivered a huge Red Car (McQueen) chocolate and a soccer ball. It was so cute watching Coen with this little blue pail going from corner to corner in the house to find chocolate. Every time he found a mini egg, he would promptly pop it in his mouth and leave the festive kisses and foiled easter eggs. So funny! Then came another easter hunt and Aunty's house! I think by then he understood the whole concept, because he did really well with it. We then had easter dinner, which Coen ate tons of meatballs, potatoes and corn and peas! Again a great eating habit for COen! By now Coen had gotten used to everyone around him, and had become a real entertainer. THis included yelling at Morgan and Devin for playing with his toys, making a tunnel with the couches for his choo choos. and playing pe-a-bow with uncle randy. It was so great to see how comfortable he was with everyone. He would walk into the kitchen, tug on Aunty and say "Please Aunty Please" To which AUnty would reply "What Coen." "Egg, pinka egg please!" SHe would open the fridge and give him a mini egg. It was so fun to see everyone understand what he was saying!
Monday we went shopping. This is again a tradition for us, and it is the time where we stock up on Coen's summer clothes. It was great! And coen was a trooper again. It was so tough for him to not be able to run in the big stores, but he did pretty well. Then came the disney store. As soon as he saw the windows to the place "OH MAMA! HOT DOG PLUTO! MINNIE GOOGY!" man oh man did that kid light up. We looked high and low for a plush chip and dale which uncle randy finally found for us! Man. That was the whole reason we wanted to look! So uncle randy saved the day!
Tuesday we said our goodbyes and headed home. For some reason every time we leave edmonton I cry. I don't know what it is, but I just hate saying bye to the family up there. Eery time we come home we discuss moving to Calgary and how beneficial it would be for us. Who knows, maybe one year it might actually happen!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter vacation

Oh easter weekend how I love you! For some reason this is the one holiday that actually feels like an honest vacation! I am proud to say that this year was no exception!
We had decided the year that Coen was born that we would go up to edmonton every year for easter so that he would still get to keep in touch with Aaron's mom's family. We had gone up last year and had so much fun! So after that, we decided to make it a tradition! This year, we got to make it even better with a side trip to Cardston! My brother had to come back up to canada before he could enter the US with a new visa, so we took the opportunity to come down and see him for a minute or two and meet his new Gf. They were coming home from the Y on Thursday after his last final, so we went in thursday afternoon to spend time with just us and meema. We got there early that expected (Turns out my husband is a packing master!) and ended up waiting for everyone to get off of work. We played ping pong, built lego with coen, and just chilled. When my mom (meema) got home, we went out to see my grandpa's baby pigs. Let me tell you, those things are so ugly that they are cute! haha. It was a lot of fun! Aaron kept making pig sounds and cow sounds and Coen replied with " No no no daddy!" Clearly my kid has no idea that dad making farm noises is the least of his worries when it comes to embarrassment! I am positive we will lull ourselves into a false illusion that we are the coolest parents on the block and only enhance our son's desire to be adopted.
Once we got home from the pigs, we made steak and potatoes, which I am proud to say my son absolutely devoured! We had recently been going through a phase where Coen had no desire to eat food in general. So this was a HUGE step forward.
THen we dyed easter eggs. This has been a long tradition in our family and we normally would have rolled them down the hill afterwards. However mother nature is out to get my this year, and made sure there was JUST enough snow to make that impossible.
When 10:30 came around, my son was still running around and playing the piano. Luckily for us he crashed shortly thereafter. I have always heard people say " I would love a bottle of that stuff" when referring to kids energy, but you know, imagine how people would look at you. You would be bouncing around like a lunatic because your attention span has become that of a bug! At least that is how Coen is. Man oh man can that kid run! After we had put Coen to sleep with his normal routine of scriptures and prayers, (for somereason the scripture part is essential, love it!) we decided to bust out the cards. We played Phase 10 until Jord got home, said hello and went downstairs to crash. However, my wonderful husband didn't inflate our air mattress. By this time my dad had already gone to bed, and I am pretty sure my mom and I told Aaron to inflate the mattress about 10 times. Did he listen... nope. So at 1:30 in the morning we had our HUGE air mattress being risen from the dead. LEt me tell you, the motor on this thing is anything but pleasant. It sounds like a small little engine working it's tail off! For those of you who have seen Jorden's little motorized scooter, it sounds like that! But eventually we all got to sleep and awaited the morning.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friends are little angels that save my sons life!

So a friend of mine just posted about the wonderful trials of having a strong willed and energetic kid. My mind was so full of different thoughts that I felt the need to write it all out.
I won't lie to you, some days (like she mentioned) there are days where I am pretty sure I could set Coen on the neighbors doorstep and walk away. But with that, I'm pretty sure I would get maybe a block away and start worrying about whether or not they would know to put him to sleep with teddy, and that he likes to read the Book of Mormon at night, or that if you give him corn with his meat, there is no way he will eat the meat. At which point, I would turn around and go pick him up and bawl about how selfish I was. Pretty sure that is how it would go down.
Today was definately one of those days. I was cleaning the bathrooms, and had to go put my niece down for her nap. I had put Coen in the tub, thinking he was pretty contained and I mean what could go wrong? I had just laid her down and I heard a SPLOOSH! I took a breath that would probably fill a 6 foot tall marathon runner's lungs, and proceeded to lay my niece down. When I returned to the bathroom at most a minute later, I found out that the word bathroom no longer fit what my eyes were seeing. It was a lake. Coen had taken my big mopping bucket and dumped it all over. He was standing in the middle of the room saying " Wash wash mama wash wash!" and rubbing his knees and tummy. At that point I had to run from the room because a laugh was going to escape which would render all my other actions useless. After I got a hold of myself, I went in and rationalized. " Coen, thank you so much for washing. But this water is very very dirty from the dirt on Coen's feet! So let's clean up the dirty water and run some bubbles for Coen instead." Looking back on it, I am pretty sure at that point I needed my own portable cheering squad. I was so proud of myself! But then he HAD to bring his microphone that is full of dirty mopping water upstairs and that was where I drew the line. I know it was petty. But for some reason, that was my one bit of control. I explained he had to leave it in his room, and then the melt down happened. His screaming then woke up my niece, and let me tell ya, I was not a happy camper. So I set him down firmly on the bed, and let him cry. Afterwards we talked it out and now we are friends again. You know, looking back on the whole thing, was a microphone really worth it... probably not. Which brings me to my friends next point... I'm still learning and I'm still trying. I have miles to go before I can say I am a perfect parent, and by then, I'll probably have another one that tests me in a million other ways. But you just keep truckin' along. Right? So in short, Thank you so much my friend for posting on your blog. It touched my heart and made me so happy to know that someone in this city knew EXACTLY how I was feeling!