Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Christmas!

I have come to the conclusion that anything below -20 should not be allowed right after the holidays. I also believe that January is the very worst month ever! I get all this wonderful joy with Aaron's birthday and Coen's birthday, and then the rest of the month is a gloomy freezing wasteland. It is dark way too early, and get's light way too late, and is absolutely freezing. I realize that February is probably not too much better, but at least there is solace in knowing that March is around the corner!

Regardless, our December was eventful and wonderful! Christmas was particularily everything I could ask for! Our Christmas's are alternated with each family, so this year was Christmas Eve at Grandma Campbells, and Christmas Day at Grandpa Tyslau's. Christmas Eve was exactly what I could ask for! We went in around 2:00 and got to spend time with the Wilde's. My Uncle Roger and his family came up from Utah and got to meet Coen for the first time. It was so funny, because really they hadn't seen Aaron or I since we had just gotten engaged. Crazy! Coen quickly became the little entertainer of the room when he sang and did the movements to Book of Mormon Stories and Popcorn Popping. Everyone got a pretty big kick out of that. Gr. Grandma Wilde also gave him some new hotwheels cars which did not leave his hands until after bedtime. He also said Grandma for the first time! We were so proud! So now grandma C, is Meema. haha.

After the Wilde's Christmas, we headed out to Hillspring to see Gr. Grandma Campbell. Their house is so beautiful! They have Christmas lights galore and it is just so wonderful! The tradition my grandpa has begun is just so gorgeous. It is definatly a highlight for my Christmas to go out and see the lights. We got grandma pretty much to ourselves this year, and Uncle Dean and Aunt Donna stopped in with all their kids too! Coen loved all the kids, especially the boys. They ran lots, and had one minor collision, but all in all, everyone survived. We also got to hear how Grandma met Grandpa. So Cool!!! I could listen to her stories all day. We had the traditional cold cuts and crackers with pop and really I couldn't ask for more! It was just a wonderful Christmas Eve.

We came home (home being Grandma's house) and after coen fell asleep my dad showed me all of their summer excursions. He got this new flipcam which i'm pretty sure is glued in his hands. All that video will be so wonderful to have in a year from now! And Aaron and my mom attempted to conquer Angry Birds. This was also our first Christmas with our family all together, because Jorden had gotten home from his mission that summer. It was so much fun to have him around. Rance and Jord played pingpong on my paren'ts new ping pong table. Honestly my parents house is so great. It is just warm and wonderful and home.

That morning, Coen's christmas began. He finally understood opening gifts and had reaction galore! THere were lots of "OH WOW"'s and "Vroom Vroom!" and "Oh My!" it was just amazing. After that, we packed up and drove into Lethbridge.

We had a wonderful Christmas at our house opening gifts from within our own family, and after that, threw together stuffing and a apple crisp and meatballs for Grandpa Tyslaus. Coen was spoiled pretty much rotten by his dad, which is nothing new, and I was given tons of books and a CD that I had lost a couple of months ago!

Once we got to the Tyslaus, Coen was a bit sleepy after all the excitement and I was exhausted from sleeping on a deflating air mattress the night before, so the two of us Crashed. I know, not the most festive. THen we played pool. Coen sits on the table and pushes the ball after saying the colours. He is getting SO good at it! Amelia, Michelle and Andy arrived shortly after, and we got to play with their daughter Amelia who was 10 months old. She is such a pretty little girl and so much fun! She is also in love with her uncle Aaron. Everything he does brings a smile to her face. It is just hilarious. After opening gifts, we had our dinner and then sat around talking. Which is really so wonderful! I love just relaxing and visiting after a big dinner. Then we packed up the car and headed home! Coen got a special bathtime, given that it was Christmas and all, with the Grinch (his favorite show) and Smarties and Bubble bath. I'm pretty sure he thought he had died and gone to heaven. haha.

Well that was our holidays!! Pretty darn exciting! haha.

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