Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here we are a year and some later. Coen is just such a little stinker. He is so curious about everything. He especially loves anything electronic. I guess he ges that from the Tyslau side. He also loves the piano, from the Campbell side! He pulls a little step up tothe piano and just bangs on it all day. The best was when he was tryign to take a nap and I guess i turned it up a little loud because he came up to me and said "Shhh!" it made me laugh so hard.

He knows so much now. His vocabulary includes " Mama, Da (Dad), Goal!, Coen, Okay, Wow, Uh oh, and Disney." He is just starting to wrap his head around Lion and Girl. He loves saying Hi to everyone and waves and literally anyone that walks past him. It is so funny but so heartbreaking because people will rarely wave back, and he really looks almost hurt by it. It's kind of hard to see. I mean would it kill you to wave at a toddler?

He also has discovered cars. Actually just today! He pushs them across our fireplace ledge and just loves it. We got him some new cars because yesterday was his sick day. We were told he had a minor case of croup. It sounds so horrible, especially at night. I tell ya, that is the hardest part about being a mom, is seeing you baby sick. breaks my heart. but luckily we haven't had to go into the ER at all. so Everything is fine.

His newest thing is problem solving. Today he was pushing his John Deere around the house and it wouldn't fit through the opening between our couches. First he pushed as hard as he could. THen he backed it up and tried reversing the truck, and when that didn't work it just pushed it around the house and tried from the other side. It was truly amazing to see his little mind working so hard to figure out a puzzle

My little boy is here!

Finally after our bazillionth time going to the maternity ward I came home and decided I was not going to sit around. I got up and started making my first ever batch of buns. I had to stop every now and then when the pain got bad, but I persevered. At six when Aaron had some home from work, I had a feeling to call my mom. I called and explained the feeling. It wasn't a pain at all, not it was just kind of a different feeling. She told me to go in, and so we went. My husband was so sick of driving that drive, I'm sure he wanted to just throw me in a taxi. Finally we got to the hospital and went to the maternity ward. AFter a couple of minutes on the monitor for a stress test, ( Coen never did like those. He would disappear until the nurse came in. When the nurse came back he would kick it so hard you could see the paddle bounce. But only if it was agirl nurse) we were told that I was going to be admitted. I started to bawl. I could not believe I was finally going to see my baby! Aaron went to call the fam, and by the time he came back, they were preping me to go tothe suite. He went back and called my mom and told her to come quick. Next came the hot shower. oh my word I loved that thing. You couldn't have got me to come out of there, except to have a baby. ( darn) I was waiting for the epideral and man those pains hurt. my mom had come in my then and just kept telling me to go to my happy place. I remember turning to her and saying" I"m running out of happy places mom!" THen came the epideral and everything was great! My baby was born 7 hours later and 1:05 am of January 7th 2009. They asked me what his namewas and i didn't hesitate to call him Coen.


In november I got my dream job. I was so sick of sitting around at home, I applied for a job at the LULULEMON store that was coming to lethbridge. I was hired! I was so surprised! The girls were absolutely amazing, and all of them helped out so much. I spent most of the days sitting on the table folding clothes or else sitting in some Yoga pose taking up hems. It was so much fun! Lululemon clothes are probably the best maternity clothes I had! And they shurnk back to my real size after!

All the girls were almost as excited as I was. I had told them that we were between two names Jackson and Coen. Emily had called him baby coen ever since. It was on my waterbottle and everything. We were also told to do certain physical activities during our shift... needless to say that I couldn't do a lot of them, so a lot were modified to Kaci... Grow a baby! haha. Man I loved that job.

Finally about the end of December the pains started...


The pains started up again but this time they were nearly every day. Because this was my first baby, I didn't know what a labour pain really felt like, so I justkept assuming that anything that painful had to be labour. We went into the Maternity ward every day, and I was continuously given Morphine. The first time they gave it to me, we went to my OBGYN about 3 hours later for an appointment. I don't remember much of the appointment but Aaron said I was so out of it that she had just laughed at us. Then she had told us that we may be seeing this baby before Christmas! It was so neat! But oh was she wrong.Christmas came and went and still no baby, but the pains were still there! we got through the new year, and Aaron's birthday. My poor husband. We went to his brother's house for dinner and birthday cake but I had been so sore and drugged I had just laid on the couch. Needless to say I was not the life of the party.

The Joys and Pains of Growing a Baby!

My pregnancy with Coen was pretty much textbook. We went in for our regular checkups and had no surprises. Then came the appointment where we got to hear Coen's heart beat. It was such a great experience. I don't know if it was the music major in me, but i leaned over and told Aaron that his heart beat reminded me of a song, on the way home we heard " Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" by Big and Rich and I looked and Aaro nand said "That's the heart beat!" so that became Coen's song. Aaron had a bit of a scare too at that appointment. We were listening to the heart beat and our GP said " HEre is heart beat number 1..." and here is heart beat number 2!" My poor husband went white in the face. my first thought was why is that baby's heart so slow! Then our GP laughed and said " It's your wife's heartbeat!" Colour came back to Aaron's face and I think he finally took his first big breath. It was quite humorous.

It had been a great pregnancy until I had the craziest pain ever. We went into the ER, and was told that they would have to take my blood (I do not do well with needles or blood). When they came back they told me that they would have to do a blood gas which meant they had to take blood from my wrist. not pleasant. finally three hours later we were told they would have to do a heart test. They still had not told me anything about what was going on. My dear husband was getting quite frusterated as well. Finally the doctor that night came in and told me that they were going to have to do some tests that could potentially harm my baby. I was so worried about what to do. He said to go home and sleep on it, and that he would talk to someo ther doctors and get some ideas. We got a phone call at home 4 hours later ( 8 am) and was told to come to the ER. I went in and the new doctor that had looked into my case laughed and simply said I had gallstones. Such a relief! Just avoid nasty food and I would be fine! However that was right around Thanksgiving. Aaron was fantastic and made sure that everyone made a special Thanksgiving supper for me so I didn't get sick.