Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cah... Hah!!!!

Oh Dr. Suess!!! How I love you!!! So probably about a month ago now, my mom called me and was so excited to see that PBS had a cartoon of "The Cat in the Hat" and that it was actually animated like the book. Naturally I was so excited to show this to Coen. I turned it on, and immediatly Coen was GLUED to the tv. It was hilarious. Now he goes around the house asking "Mah Cah Hah, Mama." (More Cat Hat Mama) He dances when they tell him to, and answers the questions they ask. It is so funny!! He also takes the hat from his Mr. Potato Head, puts it on his head and says " Cah Hah!" I think he is convinced that as long as he is wearing a hat, he is the cat. It would just be nice if he was that enthusiastic with his toque!

Coen's other big accomplishment this week has been saying I love you. It is really tough to understand, but it's there. Everytime he drives away on his dump truck he says "Bye Bye Mama," Blows me a kiss, and says "I L OOO!" I leave the L by itself because this is be biggest L I have ever heard. It is like he is flipping his tongue as hard as he can. It is so fun! Made my heart melt the first time I heard it!

So like I always say, I am pretty sure I am biased but I LOVE boys so much!! There is something so special with a mom and son! Just love it!!

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