Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas is around the corner!!

I can't really explain why, but this year I was bitten very early by the Christmas bug. I was so excited to get the tree up, and get the house decorated. I wanted to dive into baking ginger snaps, sugar cookies, brownies, cinnamon buns, spice cakes, apple crisp. Oh man. You name it! So our tree was up the middle of November thanks to a great husband who allowed me to win this battle. I still stand strong on my opinion that Rememberance day is a very special holiday. I refuse to decorate until after then, but let me tell ya, it was not easy this year.

Coen was so much fun when we put everything up! He immediatly started to say HO HO HO every time he saw santa. We wrote a letter to santa, and he couldn't really believe that a couple of weeks later, when dad pulled out the mail, he got to open his very own letter! We also have a train that goes around our Christmas tree... it is kind of hard to invision unless you have one. But Coen absolutely loves it! Every night before bed we have to say "Nigh Nigh Too Too!" And every morning the train is greeted with a "Oh WOW TOO TOO!"

I just can not get over how much he is growing up! I mean here is this little boy who two years ago made me sit in the ER in Cardston with my wonderful mom beside me, and had me convinced I was having a baby the night before Christmas! Then the next year, we couldn't believe how much he was walking! And now, he is talking with all his might! it may be mumbled and the endings aren't quite there yet (eg. Chee= Cheerios, Upple= either temple or apple, and Unn= orange.) But hey he so close I can almost taste it!

Aaron is doing amazing. Last night I was talking to him on the phone when a resident came up to talk to him. He set his cell down and I got to overhear what he was saying to said resident. It was just amazing how well he communicates with them. They never feel dumb or stupid. He just goes right along with whatever they tell him is happening. Whether it be rats in the hallways, police at the door or last night it was snakes! Dementia is such a terrible disease. It breaks my heart. But I am so happy to hear that those people have wonderful workers who instead of pointing it out and saying that they are crazy, just go along with it. In short, I was very very proud of my husband that night. It takes someone special to do that kind of work day in and night out!

Well that's about it for me!! Love you all and stay safe this holiday season!


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