Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love Christmas! I love the hustle and the bustle and even the stress!! It seems like this year there has been a lot more stress than normal, but I think things are finally settling down. I was able to have my Christmas Recital last night, and the kids were phenominal! I was so proud of them. The night was great... (even if it was about 15 minutes shorter than I had planned) I had three students play, and they each did simply amazing. When I decided to have the recital, I was so excited to show off my kids. Then I got to thinking that the last time I was able to play the piano as a solo was probably about 6-7 years ago! So I decided that now was the time I was going to buckle down and learn a new song. I don't think I have worked that hard for anything in a LONG time. But it was so rewarding to be able to play a song again. There is something great about seeing the fruits of your labours. My kids, really I can't say this enough, were so wonderful! Cole was dressed up so snazzy, and played his songs wonderfully! He was so set on playing them perfect, and assured me that he was NOT nervous! Elora did wonderful! She was dressed in her beautiful Christmas dress, and played her two songs great! Her curtsy was the hit of the show! Quentin did awesome too! We were able to play Yankee Doodle as a Duet, and he was great! I think he definatly showed the kids that there was more than just the first book in piano. I'm so proud!! Teaching is just something that you can't replace. To know that two of those kids had never really sat at the piano before, and now to see them play songs like Scarborough Fair, and Sailing! Man oh man, nothing that beat that.

My other job is being a mom, and let me tell ya, nothing can beat that either! Coen is now able to say and point to Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Brown, and White! He still counts to 3, but can do so forwards and backwards! He knows almost any animal you can give him, Cow, Lion, Turtle, Snake, Pig, Cow, Cat, etc. It is so much fun to listen to him!

Well that is about it for our update! We love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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