Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crazy Crazy times!

This week I realized I have been terrible at updating my life in general. I have a journal for Coen that I write in every month, yeah haven't done that for January yet. It has just been a crazy month, the stupid thing is that I can't really remember anything monumental that happened!

One thing I am undertaking is gymnastics. Let me tell ya, that alone has shown me how much my little boy can grow up in a 3 week period. Our first two weeks, it was terrible. Absolutely 100% terrible. The trampoline wasn't too terrible, it is a little crazy though, because the coach is dead set on keeping to the "turns" idea. Yeah, on two year old kids, they just know they want to get on. So Coen would throw fit after fit. Next came the foam pit where I was able to demonstrate an amazing example of "tough love". With my two year old screaming at the top of his lungs, I hucked him into the pit. It was a pretty far drop, and when he landed it was like a little light went on and said "Hey, that was kinda fun!" Just when happiness was on the horizon, we went to the balance beam. Coen was petrified. Just when we were starting to take steps, the coach walks up to us and says "you know, maybe he should be in a younger class, he doesn't seem quite ready for this yet." Let me tell ya, you know those cartoons with the smoke out the ears and the top of he head blows off, yeah that was me. But, I contained myself and simply said " No. He is two. This is his class. We are going to stay." (to me that is being extremely upfront and mean. Pathetic I know.) After the class, we got in the car and I just bawled. I began to have all the doubts that I hope every mom has. Is my kid slower? Am I doing my job to teach him? I am the one in charge of teaching him to grow, am I a terrible parent? The self torture went on and on. I wish I could tell you the next week was better, but it wasnt. I was then at the point where I was going to pull the plug on the whole operation, when the third week came. Let me tell you, Heavenly Father answers prayers. My little boy did EVERYTHING he was told. From stretching to the trampoline. He even did the balance beam 5 times!!! I am happy to tell you we have not had a problem since! He listens so well! Our mad games of chase coen around the room while trying to look in control are done! Many will say that he just grew up, and that may be the case, but on the way to that gym I prayed my brains out! I believe I cashed in a HUGE favor.

TO add to my amazment, nursery is now dubbed a success! We had no tears last week!! I just hope he is treating the kids nicely. I learned yesterday that my precious little boy can be a bit of a bully. But you know what, I think I would rather have him being the picking boy. At least I can teach him to stop and how to be nice! I couldn't tell other kids on the playground to grow up! haha.

And to tie it all off, he has the BIGGEST vocabulary! It takes some special ears to understand sometimes, but they are there. I am just so freaking proud! I was so worried for the first couple weeks about his speech especially when people around me were mentioning speech therapy. I know it's dumb, but being a stay at home mom, when people question his development, I take it to mean they are questioning my ability as a mom. I take it way too personally! But the way he is shaping up, I feel like I am doing a pretty good mom. THere was a line in modern family a while back where Phil said "Your parents fake your way through it, you fake your way through it, and hopefully you don't raise a serial killer." Yup that pretty much sums up parenting in my mind!

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