Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Madness!

You know, every now and then I feel terrible about waiting so long to update everyone, until I realize that I write on my blog more than I write in Coen's journal...oops.

Speaking of the little guy, he has grown up so much. I didn't even realize I had such a great kid until the last couple of weeks. With my SIL going back to work, we offered to watch her daughter for the rest of the school year. It has been such an eye opener. I was so worried about how Coen would handle her and handle having to share my time with her. He really has done great. We have figured out a balance which still gives him mom time, as well as gives my niece time with me too. It is so wonderful that they both adjust to a new schedule so well. Coen has definatly become my little helper. He goes and gets me a sippy cup I need, or a blanket. He can throw away his garbage. He is just a riot! Every day he has something new that is just hilarious! For example, Lion king in our house is called Baby Roar, only because SImba is a baby and a lion. And Cat in the Hat theme song must be sung like a monster. Why.... no clue.

He has however figured out how to communicate even more. He will tell us when he doesn't want something or wants to have a turn and all sorts of stuff. It is just so dang hard to leave him to go teach piano lessons and here " No mommy no!" Breaks my heart, but thankfully it is only for an hour and Aaron is here.

You know, I am so lucky to have such a great spouse. I am so happy that we are both on the same page as far as daycare, our values, our discipline. Just everything seems to line up with us. Which makes me so happy and makes my life so much easier. Don't get me wrong, not everything is a quick agreement, but we get there. :) People always mention to Aaron and I how we could be so much farther along if we would both go back to work and you know what, I don't doubt it. But when push comes to shove, I get to see my kids growup once. that's it. And the first year goes by so quickly. I just see how hard it is for people to leave their kids, (especially because my mom ran a day care) and it just breaks my heart! I did go back to work a while ago, and when I did my little boy had seperation anxiety so badly that he started to become ill. Yeah not an option. I mean he has grown up, goodness that was a year ago! But so what I go work at a mall job, with my entire paycheck going to daycare, and hear about what my kid did from a complete stranger. I mean don't get me wrong, I do think there are circumstances that this is a neceissity, but I do think that everyone has different needs. My need and I do mean absolute sole purpose in life was to be a mom. I can't really name you many of my talents, but I can tell you that I am a good mom. But I guess only time can tell if I did it right Right??

On the topic of work, I am growing a little home business. I am currently teaching piano! I have now upgraded to ELEVEN kids! I am over the moon! I am having the time of my life typing out spreadsheets, calendars, notes to home, creating games, buying reciept books. Oh man. I just love it! All the kids are so great and it is so neat to see something new make sense and how excited they get when they get to learn a song that they already know. It is just amazing.

Anyways, this turned out more of a soapbox preaching episode than an update. But thanks for listening!

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