Sunday, May 1, 2011

On to Edmontonia!

Friday morning we woke up and had Easter Breakfast. My mom had had her heart set on Easter dinner that night,but we had made plans with Edmonton Family to go see them. So breakfast it was! It ws EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! Nothing like a good warm breakfast in your belly to start a trip off right. We packed up our things and trekked to edmonton.
When I say trek I mean it was probably the easiest trip ever! Aaron and I had things down to a science. Coen hadn't slept very well that night, so he crashed from Cardston to Airdrie. We stopped for a bite to eat when he woke up, and set up a picnic of sorts. Our passenger seat folded down to a table, and I sat in the back with Coen to keep him company. All I can say is I LOVE our IPAD! We had also packed snacks and goodies galore so Coen was a real trouper!
We got to Edmonton afternoonish, and visited with Aunty Sharon and Uncle Don, Uncle Randy, MOrgan and Devin until around 10ish. I was a real wet sock because I had taken a gravol about an hour away from edmonton (dumb I know) and was waging an honest to goodness war to keep my eyes open. Then it was off to Morgan's to catch some zzz's.
Saturday was chill at Morgan's day. Uncle Randy, Devin, and Aaron took Coen on his trike ( we brought it from home) to a park nearby. I think everyone was surprised at how fast that little guy can go! And then came Crave. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this little piece of paradise to you before. It is amazing. We drove over thanks to devin and uncle don, and bought a dozen. Man oh man those are the best cupcakes known to man! Then we had nachos and played some more cards! It was the best day EVER!!!
Sunday was easter morning! The easter bunny had made a little hunt for Coen at morgan's house and had also delivered a huge Red Car (McQueen) chocolate and a soccer ball. It was so cute watching Coen with this little blue pail going from corner to corner in the house to find chocolate. Every time he found a mini egg, he would promptly pop it in his mouth and leave the festive kisses and foiled easter eggs. So funny! Then came another easter hunt and Aunty's house! I think by then he understood the whole concept, because he did really well with it. We then had easter dinner, which Coen ate tons of meatballs, potatoes and corn and peas! Again a great eating habit for COen! By now Coen had gotten used to everyone around him, and had become a real entertainer. THis included yelling at Morgan and Devin for playing with his toys, making a tunnel with the couches for his choo choos. and playing pe-a-bow with uncle randy. It was so great to see how comfortable he was with everyone. He would walk into the kitchen, tug on Aunty and say "Please Aunty Please" To which AUnty would reply "What Coen." "Egg, pinka egg please!" SHe would open the fridge and give him a mini egg. It was so fun to see everyone understand what he was saying!
Monday we went shopping. This is again a tradition for us, and it is the time where we stock up on Coen's summer clothes. It was great! And coen was a trooper again. It was so tough for him to not be able to run in the big stores, but he did pretty well. Then came the disney store. As soon as he saw the windows to the place "OH MAMA! HOT DOG PLUTO! MINNIE GOOGY!" man oh man did that kid light up. We looked high and low for a plush chip and dale which uncle randy finally found for us! Man. That was the whole reason we wanted to look! So uncle randy saved the day!
Tuesday we said our goodbyes and headed home. For some reason every time we leave edmonton I cry. I don't know what it is, but I just hate saying bye to the family up there. Eery time we come home we discuss moving to Calgary and how beneficial it would be for us. Who knows, maybe one year it might actually happen!

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