Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here we are a year and some later. Coen is just such a little stinker. He is so curious about everything. He especially loves anything electronic. I guess he ges that from the Tyslau side. He also loves the piano, from the Campbell side! He pulls a little step up tothe piano and just bangs on it all day. The best was when he was tryign to take a nap and I guess i turned it up a little loud because he came up to me and said "Shhh!" it made me laugh so hard.

He knows so much now. His vocabulary includes " Mama, Da (Dad), Goal!, Coen, Okay, Wow, Uh oh, and Disney." He is just starting to wrap his head around Lion and Girl. He loves saying Hi to everyone and waves and literally anyone that walks past him. It is so funny but so heartbreaking because people will rarely wave back, and he really looks almost hurt by it. It's kind of hard to see. I mean would it kill you to wave at a toddler?

He also has discovered cars. Actually just today! He pushs them across our fireplace ledge and just loves it. We got him some new cars because yesterday was his sick day. We were told he had a minor case of croup. It sounds so horrible, especially at night. I tell ya, that is the hardest part about being a mom, is seeing you baby sick. breaks my heart. but luckily we haven't had to go into the ER at all. so Everything is fine.

His newest thing is problem solving. Today he was pushing his John Deere around the house and it wouldn't fit through the opening between our couches. First he pushed as hard as he could. THen he backed it up and tried reversing the truck, and when that didn't work it just pushed it around the house and tried from the other side. It was truly amazing to see his little mind working so hard to figure out a puzzle

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