Thursday, May 27, 2010

My little boy is here!

Finally after our bazillionth time going to the maternity ward I came home and decided I was not going to sit around. I got up and started making my first ever batch of buns. I had to stop every now and then when the pain got bad, but I persevered. At six when Aaron had some home from work, I had a feeling to call my mom. I called and explained the feeling. It wasn't a pain at all, not it was just kind of a different feeling. She told me to go in, and so we went. My husband was so sick of driving that drive, I'm sure he wanted to just throw me in a taxi. Finally we got to the hospital and went to the maternity ward. AFter a couple of minutes on the monitor for a stress test, ( Coen never did like those. He would disappear until the nurse came in. When the nurse came back he would kick it so hard you could see the paddle bounce. But only if it was agirl nurse) we were told that I was going to be admitted. I started to bawl. I could not believe I was finally going to see my baby! Aaron went to call the fam, and by the time he came back, they were preping me to go tothe suite. He went back and called my mom and told her to come quick. Next came the hot shower. oh my word I loved that thing. You couldn't have got me to come out of there, except to have a baby. ( darn) I was waiting for the epideral and man those pains hurt. my mom had come in my then and just kept telling me to go to my happy place. I remember turning to her and saying" I"m running out of happy places mom!" THen came the epideral and everything was great! My baby was born 7 hours later and 1:05 am of January 7th 2009. They asked me what his namewas and i didn't hesitate to call him Coen.

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