Monday, June 7, 2010

17 months

So today my little man turned 17 months old! I can not believe how fast the time has gone! He knows so much and is learning so quickly. We went swimming a this weekend and Coen got very attached to the slide and in no time he could crawl out of the pool, walk over tothe slide, climb the stairs, and wait for me to catch him! His other new thing is knowing how to put his Mickey DVD's into the Bluray player. It is so funny.

He is also learning more about his body! He knows his hair, eyes, ears, teeth, toes and GUTS! Haha. Thanks for the idea Carla! It is so funny. And if you ask him " Coen, how do you eat a cookie?" He bites and chomps his teeth!

We also got to meet a cow last week! We went to the farmers market to see what the big deal was, and actually it was a lot of fun! There was a Cow Auction (I think that's what it was) and Coen was just in awe with how big they were! It was so cute!

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