Thursday, May 27, 2010


In november I got my dream job. I was so sick of sitting around at home, I applied for a job at the LULULEMON store that was coming to lethbridge. I was hired! I was so surprised! The girls were absolutely amazing, and all of them helped out so much. I spent most of the days sitting on the table folding clothes or else sitting in some Yoga pose taking up hems. It was so much fun! Lululemon clothes are probably the best maternity clothes I had! And they shurnk back to my real size after!

All the girls were almost as excited as I was. I had told them that we were between two names Jackson and Coen. Emily had called him baby coen ever since. It was on my waterbottle and everything. We were also told to do certain physical activities during our shift... needless to say that I couldn't do a lot of them, so a lot were modified to Kaci... Grow a baby! haha. Man I loved that job.

Finally about the end of December the pains started...

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