Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I realize it has been forever since I have posted. It is just so easy to get caught up in doing every thing else ya know? The last 4 months have been full of a lot of fun and memorable moments.

In July, my brother came home from his mission. It was so neat because he had actually never seen Coen before. We got to go up to the airport in Calgary to see him. Coen had to bring his teddy just for safe keeping. Then we went to my Grandma Wilde's house. We got to roast hot dogs and it was Coen's first attempt at riding a quad. He hated it. Which really surprised me. But If he's scared he's scared right?

In August we got to see the parade in Cardston. It was hilarious. My poor little boy got hit in the head twice by flying candy. I think he was traumatized. We also found out that he is terrified of horses. Not just the crying scared but the crawling up mom or dad and trying to get as far away as possible scared.

September was awesome. We took Coen to the zoo where he entertained not just us but everyone around him. We took Auntie Sharon and Uncle Don and Devin with us, and really just loved watching Coen. We went to the Canadian part first where he was kind of indifferent. The coolest part for him were the moose and the bears. Then came africa. WOW. he loved the lions. Lots of ROARS! Then came the hippos. All you could see were their butts, and coen let out a big "OH WOW MAMA!" We were giggling so hard. Next we went to the dinosaurs. Coen did so well... until about half way through when he decided that he was scared of the dinosaurs. He clung onto Aaron or I the rest of the way through the park. And let me tell you... packing a 35 lbs kid through the dinosaurs is not easy. Every dinosaur that moved or talked sent him into a clawing up mom screaming panic. By the time we were done walking through Coen let out a big ALL GONE.... NO NO NO!"
That was pretty much our summer! It was so much fun and I am so sad to see it go. Coen has learned soo much! He is talking so well and climbs on everything and anything. He is in love with the piano and LOVES music. (It's my kid.. come on.) He is so good with other kids and loves his cousin amelia so much. We are having an awesome time with him!!

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