Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh fall... i missed you! Don't get me wrong... I loved and love summer. But there is something so awesome about fall. Crunchy leaves, jacket weather, yellow school busses. Love it all!
This fall, it seems my little baby has blossomed into a real boy! Cars are the center of his world. He feels the need to inform me every time we pass one. "VROOM VROOM MAMA!" He is also so high energy! He is climbing up anything he can get his feet into, opening any drawer that prompts his attention, and diving off the coffee table into the couch. I LOVE BOYS!

We also have started putting him in his own bed. I can honestly say it was harder on me than it was on him. Or so I thought. The first couple of nights I was so exhausted, that we just crashed. I woke up that morning so proud of my little boy for sleeping through the night in his room. That night I didn't sleep too well, I think it hit me that my boy was all grown up, and I learned the real truth. He never did sleep through the night. He woke up every 2 hours in a screaming fit. I had just slept through it all. I felt so bad. So now, he starts in his bed, until 12, then if he wakes up after that, he comes to our room, if not, then he wakes up in his room!

His favorite visit was having Auntie Sharon and Baba and Gigou down. Baba and Gigou are Aaron's grandparents. He loved them so much. He still picks up the phone and says "Hey0 Baba!" so much fun.

Halloween was a blast. Coen dressed up as Leo from little Einstiens and we took him to Cardston. He had so much fun. i think it just amazed him that he all he had to do was walk up to a door and they gave him a treat! We went to Grandpa and Grandma Wilde's house, then around Grandma C's neighborhood.

That is our fall so far! Hopefully i get better at updating this. Love you all!

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