Sunday, March 20, 2011

I swear my house could be a hospital wing!

This is one week in my life I am sure I will not forget for a long long time. It all began on Monday night. I was starting to feel a little run down, and I figured it might have had something to do with watching Coen and my niece. So I thought nothing more and went to sleep. The next morning I felt like I had been hit by a train, a bus and a plane. My legs hurt so badly I couldn't curl them in my favorite sleep position, I couldn't stand to have them elevated in the tiniest bit, my head felt like it was going to explode, and my stomach felt like it was fighting it's own world war 3. On top of that my husband had just worked a night and I was watching my niece. It was something else let me tell you! But we prevailed with what I felt was an excellent outcome. My niece was just awesome and Coen was in a sharing mood. So that was one small victory. Then Aaron woke up, so I got to trade off for my turn in the napping world.
Next came wednesday. I was still feeling like junk, but I also now had managed to get my little monster sick. But we toughed through it, and I still managed to get all my piano lessons taught without having any major meltdowns.
Thursday, Aaron gave me a sick day. You see, between all of these sick days I had not had more than 3 hours of sleep because Coen was still having night terrors. Which meant I had to be up every hour calm him down, and wait another hour and half before he actually fell asleep again. Only to do it 2 hours later. So Aaron brought be some tylenol home and I took 3 and crashed from 9:30 until 4. Then webraved the outdoors and went to the home and garden show with some Jason and Julia.
Friday I was so sure I was going to be healthy and strong. I mean I had never in my life been sick for this long. I was WRONG! I couldn't keep any liquid down, and Coen had a fever from Hades. It was just terrible. So once again, Aaron stepped up and was amazing. And between emptying buckets for me, and keeping Coen settled down, and cleaning the house, he was just amazing.
Saturday oh Saturday. I was finally on the mend, Coen seemed to be too, only by Saturday night around 11pm, we heard the all too familiar seal barking sound from Coen's bedroom. We called the health line and sure enough, after listening to him over the phone they could tell me that it was croup. Well fantastic. Which brings me to today! We skipped Church, stayed home and watched our Living Scripture DVD's ( A must for sick days) cuddled and played with the Ipad. Because it's croup and we have done croup 3 or 4 times since Coen first caught it, I have the routine down. TOnight will be terrible, monday will be awful, Tuesday won't be soo bad, Tuesday night I'll sleep, and Wednesday all will be well in the Tyslau house! RIght???

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