Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glorious Boys!!

It's been a while, yes I know. For all of those who love their updates about Coen, let me tell you it is a miracle that I am still breathing. For those at the mom and tots last week you will completely understand what I mean by this. For those who missed the show I can assure you we will not be returning for a rerun. The whole "same time, same station" does NOT apply to the situation that I am about to walk you through.

It all began on an amazingly sunny day. The kids refused to be cooped up and I was completely in agreement. So we packed up the carseats, sunscreen, misquito repellent, water, teddy grahams and diapers. That is a typical packing list for most parents. Most parents would probably even say that though they pile all that into a reuseable grocery bag they may only use three things. I mean with a two year old and a one year old what in heavens name could go wrong right!

So we arrive to the playground and we are having the time of our lives! I dare say I even got to sit down and visit with some of the other moms. I could see Coen's blonde little head darting out of equipment and I can see my niece playing contently in front of me on the baby slide. Well, time goes on and I am playing with my niece, and I realize I haven't seen Coen for a couple of minutes. So I yell "Coen let me see your eyes!" (side note: Moms have you ever realized that when you yell for your kids and you hear your own voice it sounds like nails on a chalkboard? Mine does. I swear it.) I wait....and little eyes. So I scoop up Amelia and we go hunting. I'm not nervous. I'm sure many of you are dialing Child Services as you read due to the bone chilling fact that I didn't break out in a full out run. But everything was gated in. I promise! So calm those heart rates. I finally see him. My blonde little monster jumping as hard as he can in a puddle of mud. His shoes are COVERED!! his once white socks are very much brown. So I take them off and we walk back to the park. I am laughing so hard I can't even talk. Part of me is so proud of him for getting muddy and being such a boy, the other part is thinking how the heck to I get these shoes clean!

So now he is running around bare foot and having the time of his life. I took wipes and washed his legs down and his shoes are drying in the sun. I am just getting settled down, when I hear a SPLOOSH! Coen is crying and saying "BIG MESS MAMA!!" In literally two seconds he had ran down a hill, slipped, and slid right into the biggest mud puddle I have seen. He has grass in his ears, nose, mouth, and his shirt is soaked. So remember that list I wrote out, what mom in their right mind would think I need to pack an extra pair of shoes, clothes and an IGA bag?? Well one mom thought to bring a bag, so I stripped him down and we kept playing in just his shorts. I think a few boys were jealous. But am 100% sure that no mom was!!

*for those of you that are wondering...oxyclean is amazing!! Shoes look brand new! A little tight, but brand new! The same can also be said about the clothes!!

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