Saturday, July 30, 2011

the meema trip!

Well it's been a month so I thought I would give everyone an update. July has been a fairly carefree month. It has however been full of being a single parent. Aaron spent a few days in Florida going to see the last Shuttle Launch ever, which was probably the most sporadic thing he has done since we got married. So it was about time for him to have some "Dad" time. He got home, and we had a small birthday party for me on the 13th. My parents and him got me a cricut which I am absolutely in love with. Man oh man.

Next came the Lake. This is probably the most recent memory I have so it will be a lot longer and in depth so just bare with me. My mom and I had planned to go to the States with Coen for a girls week away, but when we figured everything out we just decided that instead of making a 12 hour drive we would make a 2 1/2 hour drive to my grandparents cabin. It was the most fun I have had in a very long time. It was just a completely different fun. A completely carefree week of nothingness. We left on Monday and Coen travelled like a dream kid. We were kind of nervous about the border, but we sailed through with no issues. WHEW! THen the vacation began. We followed my cousins Saydi and Kyli down with my aunt April and her family with us. We got there, had some burgers and just vegged. Amazing!
Tuesday was shopping day. The weather was pretty yucky so we just packed everyone up and went to town. Coen wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine because he had to be put in a rickity shopping cart because he couldn't quite understand why he couldn't run up and down the big hallways. what a goof. So then we went to walmart and my poor little boy's day got even worse. We were walking through the baby stuff to get some pullups (easier to just buy than to pack) and he kept saying he needed to go to the bathroom. I just assumed he was saying it because he had seen the potty covers. Nope I was wrong. My poor little guy had peed all down his legs into his socks and his pants. I felt terrible. So I scooped him up, and had to carry him to console him whch meant i was covered in pee. But we got him wiped down with a new pullup and we let him just chill in a pullup which i think he thought was cool. His main concern was that he HAD to hang onto his Mater and McQueen bubbles that his meema had bought him. They were actual cars full of bubblebath. Very cool. Well when we were putting him in the car I totally smacked his head on the doorframe. What a terrible topper to a no good very bad day. Then he was running to the door from the car and ran into the BBQ. terrible. But then Kyli came to the rescue and pulled out all the stops by playing cars with him. This was not your normal cars game. THey had ramps with jumps and sound effects and rocketships and man oh man we were all laughing to hard because Coen had found the love of his life. They played so hard he was in a sweat! My kid has the coolest cousins ever! All the "Big Kids" were so much fun with him! Saydi, Cale, Harli, Rance, and Jake all came to my rescue so many time and entertained him!
Wednesday we went out on the boat. Coen was pretty skeptical, but we eventually got in into the tube which was definately the highlight of my trip. After we got back, I truly believe Coen was having fun even if he was falling asleep. haha. Then he went and had a nap with meema while I got a few hours to go out on the lake. We went tubing and wow oh wow. I have not laughed so hard in my whole life. Like honestly right from my gut laughed.
Then Coen woke up and we all went out to a little island that they had made with a slide on it and raft. Well, I was trying to get off of the raft they had and totally slipped. Coen went flying, and I fell down and hit my head on the paddle boat. For those of you that weren't there, let me assure you it was quite the sight. Coen was way over there screaming with this two cars in his hands, screaming "Help me Help me!" I was laughing to hard I couldn't get myself out of the lake, and everyone around us were doubled over from laughing so no one could help coen. Man oh man were were a sight to behold.
Thursday was our "Suntanning" day. and every single one of us were burnt to a crisp.
and Friday was home day!
It was the very most fun I have had in a while. I absolutely loved it and I'll admit was a little sad when Coen told me this morning that after he bath he was going to the lake. So a big thank you to everyone who made this a great trip for us. We had the time of our life and thanks to all the "Big Kids" and Meemas that helped out. It was a true Vacation!!
Now to to it all again at the end of August!!! Winnipeg here we come!!

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